Interview with Marcel Krömker by Cristina Dominguez – Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela.

Text of the Mercedes-Benz-Compilation about Me and my Band MrEart


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Marcel studied Bass at the Conservatory van Amsterdam and Jazz Institut Berlin a.o. with David Friedman. He took Masterclasses among others with Avi Shai Cohen, Bobby McFerrin, John Rocco, Joey Baron, Kenny Werner, John Scofield, Terry Lynn Carington, Richard Bona, Mark Murphy, Kenny Werner, Ari Honig, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jhonny Griffin, Jim Black, John Hollenbeck, Joey Baron, Jeff Hamilton, Pat Martino and the bassists Drew Gress, Mike Richmond, Martin Wind, Dwayne Burno and John Clayton (Count Basie). He collaborats with Visual Artitsts, Theater productions, Movie makers and dancers. Some of his musical highlights are concerts with Nils Landgreen, Alex Sipiagin, Nils Wogram, Toni Lakatosh, Changuito (9 Grammy awards), Pernell Saturnino, Michael Moore, Jasper Blom, Rogerio Souza, Leni Stern, Diego Pinera, Tino Derado, Ignaz Dinne, Philip Gropper, Peter Ehwald, Kelvin Sholar, Kalle Kalima, Tobias Backhaus, Renske Taminiau, BJO, BJJO, Peter Herbolzheimer, Gunter Schuller, Ed Kröger, Kuhn, Pater Nostro, Axel Gerhard and many others. Since 2007 he works as a touring and studio musician with releases by well-known labels such as Traumton, ACT, Neuklang and Laika with Pär Lammers Trio, Chris Gall Trio feat. ENIK, Center, Sebastian Schunke Group, Ed Kröger Quintet, Mr.EART. Marcel Krömker was performing all over the world in 24 countries of Europe, China, Korea, UAE, Marocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela and the United States.